CTA 44

Every streecar that we are operating has undergone some level of restoration.  The streetcar project that we are currently finishing, St. Louis Public service #1743, is also our newest car. And it was built in 1947. 

In addition to restoring the cars we also have to perform ongoing maintenance.  Everyone of our cars are brought in for an annual checkup. 

restoration and maintenance

Current Project

St. Louis Public Service #1743 is now in its 5th year of a 3 year restoration project.


Past Projects

St Louis Public Service #1743 was built in 1946 along with 100 other cars.

The next car, Water Works #10, was a major project and took 8000 of restoration time to complete.  It was built in 1914 and is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

The most recent addition was CTA Rapid Transit car #44.  Chicago sent some of their PCC cars that were no longer needed back to St. Louis Car to recycle some of the parts for use on this car.


Future Projects

Kansas City #1533. Built in 19?? by the St. Louis Car Company for the Kansas City Street Railway.