CTA 44

This site is dedicated to the numerous volunteers who operate, maintain, and restore vintage trolley cars at the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis. We currently have three operational streetcars, all built by the St. Louis Car Company.

Come out and join us. We love to give rides. Whether it is your first time on a trolley or are a seasoned rider you will enjoy the trip.

Trolley Operations

About our Operations

We have a very fine and dedicated team working on the trolley operations. Basically we have two groups that support our operations. The first group are those that operate the cars whenever they are scheduled.  The second group provides the maintance and restoration of the cars. 

All operations are handled by two people.  One is the operator and the other is the conductor.  The operator is the one actually runnning the car.  They may be seated or standing, it really depends on which car is being operated that day. The conductor primary function is for passenger safety. That person may also provide information about the car, our other cars or why we love to run steetcars.


Operation Schedule

Currently we are running 4 days per week. Thursday and Friday we operate in the mornings and Saturday and Sunday we run all day.

Everyone is encouraged to come out and go for a ride.