CTA 44

This site is dedicated to the numerous volunteers who operate, maintain, and restore vintage trolley cars at the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis. Currently we have three operational streetcars, all built by the St. Louis Car Company.

Come out and join us.  We love to give rides.  Whether it is your first time on a trolley or are a seasoned rider you will enjoy the trip. We are also always looking for operators on our streetcars or as a volunteer in the restoration shop. Either way stop by and say hello.


Trolley Operations

Currently we operate 3 trolley cars, with a fourth car nearing completion of restoration.  Our operating season typically runs from the beginning of April through the end of October.  Please come and join us operating our trolley cars.

If you have any interest in learning to become one of our trolley operators we have training once a year.  It is usually performed during March.  You will be taught how to safely operate all of our cars.

Everyone is encourged to come out and go for a ride.



Our current major restoration project is the St. Louis Public Service #1743.  We are nearing completion of both the cosmetic restoration and ensuring that it is fully operational.  Our hope and desire is to have it part of our operating fleet sometime during the 2015 operating season.

We already have out next project picked out. Stop by and we will b e happy to show you around and sign you up as a new volunteer.


Track Work

All of the trackage and overhead is maintained by volunteers.  Although nothing gets used very hard it stills needs to be maintained.  Every spring the track and overhead wire is checked to ensure that we have a trouble free operating season.

We are currently working on a track extension to the Automotive Building. This involves adding about 400 feet of track, incuding several switches and installing overhead wire for trolley operation.  When completed we will have about 2000 feet of track under wire.